Arts/Actx: Struggling against serial murderers masquerading as cops

These acts on Disabled Greens News and Discussion:
Arts/Actx: Struggling against serial murderers masquerading as cops:
This petition on change . org: Struggle Against Cops Serial Murdering:
Twigs of activism poetree  :)
Serial Murderers Masquerading As Cops, Unending Unnecessary Global War Against Men
Barack, tpping on lower… to poor, calling it rain, part of the convolution’s $ war, crime
Or army, jail or join equals crypt, bodybag filler galore, only merx/more, mercs/war, live.
If You’re Not Taking Bullets, You’re Making Them, Lesson From WWII
Sadly, “…it’s funny how one insect can damage
So much grain…”, how 400 years of religion
Of scientism, one instant, evolutionarily, in the life
Of the Universe, can extinct all life, Earth,
Destroy all grace.  Finally, humanity without a trace.
Or, will you leave no footprints, that followed
None, which will echo in all ways, always?
Mothball NASA now, before it ends all.   reality
(Thanx to Elton John for the above quote from his great song, ‘Empty Garden’, a tribute to John Lennon)
Oligarchy Doesn’t Need You, To Kill All Life, The Evolution Does To Stop Them
Christian ISIS, Taliban leaders met, Christian Pope, 12 headed (supremacies)
Beast of Revelations, Dino-In-Chief, concurring on their continuing king george
And his dick, cheney’s, global, “crusading, unending, war against axis of evil
Nations”, that aren’t.  Roman Catholic imperial lies swallowed whole, death of
All, US, if you’re not taking bullets, you’re making them to be ‘used’ against Life.
Years later, The D.I.C., still TPPing on “…we(e),…” and calling it rain, machinated
In his last S.O.T.U. that the united suck of assassins is, “…unarmed truth and
Unconditional love…”, for the corporate structure’s convolution, the biggest lie
Since the religion of scientism dictated that, “it will save US”, when it’s ending
All advanced life in the Cosmos, that we know of, and the Earth, instead.
‘La machine’, unpowers that unbe, divining vacuity through their closest thing
To a devil that has ever existed, the remocrats/dempublicans psychic terrorism,
“The suck”, won’t undo the Cosmoses abundance with their scarcity based inter:
Locking, laced societal systems, will ebony and ivory supremacies working in
Perfect harmony, divide, life indivisible, conquer, potential illimitable, you?
Humanity Has Devolved Into The Tool, Technology The Hand, It’s Our Last Stand
We’re not mecha, we’re orga, you can’t quid pro quo us into being your merxs for more, mercs for war, anymore.  Climbing down this cliff wall, wading river, climbing up the other side, I go across the bridge, without, for, we don’t ‘cross bridges when we come to them’, we blow them up, as convenience doesn’t further.  They tell you to make your mark, dream,.get your piece of the plymouth crack rock, their missive, ‘the future waits for no man’, is inapplicable, as their linear, first conclusion, superficial thought processes are inexplicable, while it does eagerly await the evolving of the evolution.  Ignorance or being sheep isn’t next to Godliness, cowering to the notsees who raped you as kids won’t lead to go along to get along mediocre success, it’s suicide you’re stretching over your future, survival will never be alival,  The intellect can’t lead for the life doesn’t follow.  Being growing more day by day, a lifelong student, is the only requirement for an unending sojourn of wonder, filled with the “art of feeling awe, discipline” (Castaneda).  Stalking oneself can lead to stalking reality, that “razor’s edge” of co-creation, grace, which one can’t seek, as it seeks you, for, there are no un or mistaken footsteps left behind, and we leave no footprints that will echo in all ways, always.
(Inspired by Fu Ta Shih’s (497-573), following poem: “Empty handed he holds a hoe, Walking across a bridge while riding a buffalo, It’s the bridge, not the river, which flows.”)
No One Must Be Conned, Divide, Conquer Only Works On The Divided, Life’s Indivisible, Your Potential Illimitable, Be
Sad day, as ‘we(e)’ mourn the tragic loss of Ali, ‘the greatest of all time’, whose still ‘floating like a butterfly and
Stinging like a bee’, we remember his black leadership, advocacy, and he will be sorely missed. A best who was
Called by Muhammad, all praise be upon him, Allah’s Messenger, he easily rose to the occasion. There were snags
Along the way, being real, he rose above. As we mourn his loss, we’re reminded, an injustice to any is an injustice
To all, and if it isn’t addressed individually, it becomes a global, as well. You can’t struggle with the man’s house
Using the man’s tools (Audrey Lourdes), be the change you want in the world, root of all oppression lies in science
(Gandhi). If responsibility isn’t exercised, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, withers like an unused muscle also,
Due to self-possession, it needs to be exorcised first. While Dino-In-Chief’s tpping on US, calling it rain, don’t forget
Why ‘we(e)’ struggled against nafta, cafta, all that came afta, corporate structure’s convolution’s devolutionary
Direction doesn’t need help dictating the extinction of all life, the evolution does in order to stop them.   reality
N’er Stray From, You, Living Truth
Not walking the walk, waves spraying our faces,
As beach’s edge, ever changes,
We, Sun, sky, Earth, Moon, sea, meet.
Breezing through the strong breeze,
The fuller our lungs, the lighter we’d run,
It, was to be…, with ease.
As reality, she, I, stalked ourselves
In those shells echoing silences,
Like one slip on a rock, to the next, well.
Sitting still, we glistened,
Sun splashing through us,
The ocean’s, our salt, were one.
Her thoughts, mine, flowed,
Our feelings were its ebb and flow.
Nature, true, wouldn’t be unsung.
That blue gray cloudy day found us in the end.
Finding it by moon’s ray, our ears to waves did lend.
It was as our footprints,
Truly there, ’til waves did gently lift.
For, if it were we held it,
Like sand grasped, it wouldn’t be a gift.
Corp. Structure’s Convolution’s Devolutionary Direction Doesn’t Need You, To Kill All Life
The Evolution does to stop them.
Sadly, “…it’s funny how one insect
Can damage so much grain…”,
How 400 years of the religion
Of scientism, one instant in Earth’s life,
Can extinct all life and it,
Destroy so much grace.
Finally, humanity without a trace.
Or, will you leave no footprints,
That followed none,
Echoing in all ways, always,
Calm the sea of suffering,
Hawking fabricates, “…life is machine…”,
Like Professor Memsy and his memes,
Contrivance meant to demean, con,
For control and the convolution.
Life’s self-replicating, not la machine,
Machinating in its twisted coil,
To convolute human is just…,
Not illimitable potentially,
And indivisible, living alival,
Not survival, human be-ing.
“We(e),…” mothball NASA, or rich, it, end us.
You, phoenix, ever rising, embrace the wind,
Soar above the clouds, be your trueself to be.
Feelings, Reeling In The Living Art, Unbeckon
Betwixt words,
Weaving paths of study,
Between lines,
Flowing within its own
Rhythms, rhymes,
A birthplace is divined,
A twig of poetree to be,
Becoming, in chrysalis,
Being you, evoking.
If One Lives As Prayer,
The light that guides, the candle within,
Once lite in lieu of cursing the darkness,
Ever adding to the well of light,
Directs every step in grace,
Which follows none,
Leaving no footprints,
Echoing in all ways,
To Not Err Is Human Too
Memories of cement wave through my soma, steeling,
As their daggers dig new holes in realities’ fabric,
“We(e),…”, can’t allow to be torn asunder,
They plunder what isn’t, missing is,
Mountaintop removal isn’t biz’.
Related linx for Corporate Reform  :)
Tell Arvig to not discriminate against English speakers, please sign:
Thanx for all you do.
james nordlund,
reality   (aja)  :)
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Concerto di aranjuez music and video by Zuzanna Musial – Video Dailymotion

Twig of poetree in thanx:) If One Lives As Prayer,//The light that guides, the candle within,/Once lite in lieu of cursing the darkness,/Ever adding to the well of light,/Directs every step in grace,/Which follows none,/Leaving no footprints,/Echoing in all ways,/Always. reality

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Reply to Robert Jensen essay, united suck of assassins, “white supremacist forever”, to paraphrase :)

Dear All, On Robert Jensen’s essay: As regards your first paragraph, yeah, I hear you and them, yet, the ‘fix’ being already in, do we really want to aid and abet the extremists who have engineered all this political theater for mass consumption, and their obvious, mercenary goals?  Of course, “…ways of expressing love right now to help us cope with the pain….”, is most appropriate under any circumstance; not just the ebony and ivory supremacies further working together in perfect harmony to further divide and conquer this country between them.  Second paragraph, “…Better that we start with a harsh, but honest, assessment: The United States has always been, and likely always will be, a white-supremacist country….”, yes, I agree, and it is harsh, yet, does it meet the requirements of honesty?  Who, would you proffer, has a problem with that fact, certainly the white supremacy doesn’t, as well, the black supremacy makes more off the white supremacy, even every time it’s extremism comes to the fore’, than the white supremacy does, as does the multi-media conspiracy, the other supremacies, like the plutocratic, academic, etc., supremacies do as well; the game being ‘fixed’ replicates the past patterns of ever increasing supposed garnering of delusional profits, pleasures, powers, in ever increasingly centralizing and cyclical patterns- Audre Lourdes said it best, “You can’t struggle with the man’s house (mansion) using the man’s tools”- until the materialist delusional constructs that all the political theater are built on are struggled with, there will be no lessening of it.  Of course, the problem with that is almost everyone is a materialist, including the people who project they’re not, like dialectical materialist socialists, Buddhists, Christians, etc..  ‘La machine’s’ sociological programming of the people, societal determinism with ever more inter: locking and laced systems based on scarcity, contrary to the reality of the Cosmoses abundance, replicates the status qou quite easily, for we are parts in it, we can do nothing but replicate it- they hope.  Sixth, as well, non: Christian, united suck of assassins citizens, rich; predominantly.  Eighth, “Because the wealth and power of the United States are so deeply rooted in white supremacy, the abandonment of that pathology would inevitably lead to difficult questions about the country?s moral and material obligations to non-white people, at home and abroad.”, as it did in the 70’s to 90’s before the supremacies all became replicant supremacies of the white, in the USA, all at minimum colluding with it to increase their take of, piece of the American notsee tax dollar pie; “in for a penny, in for a pound”- only decay bound.  “If poor and working-class white people were to say, ?But wait, I haven?t been able to cash in on much of this wealth,? that would inevitably lead to questions about the pathology of capitalism.”, as it did before the 90’s, when people found themselves in the positions where, due to the emerging baskin and robbins of 21 flavors of supremacy conspiring on dictating the coin of the realm unbe destruction to extinction, the united suck of assassins, they needed to buy defense or they and their loved ones were economically, if not in every way, canabalized by those supremacies and/or their conspiring together.  “If women were to say, ?But wait, no matter what the race and class hierarchies, we still face endemic violence and denigration,? that would inevitably lead to questions about the pathology of patriarchy.”, which they did until the 80’s when the women’s supremacy found they could make exponentially to astronomically more $ from doing the supremacies, and republican conspiracies’ biddings of warring on the middle-class to poor men; targeting the main competition of the rems, non-remocrat, and, specifically, non rem or dempublican, Caucasian newborns to men- with genocide.  But, as of yet, no conversations, even, on the pathology of patriarchal matriarchy?  Ninth, “All systems of illegitimate authority that give some people unearned wealth and power are based on a similar pathology that tries to naturalize hierarchy and exploitation.”  That’s an understatement, it determines a supposed naturalized hierarchy and exploitation.  “Pull on one string, and the fabric of rationalizations for all systems of domination/subordination start to unravel.”, yet, no one pulls on any of the strings anymore, because they all get paid more by conspiring with the white supremacy, etc., republican conspiracy, etc., supposed Christian supremacy, etc., more; and won’t until those paradigms built on the delusional constructs of materialism are actually struggled with- which they still haven’t been.  Tenth, “The United States likely will always be a white-supremacist nation because we have neither the intellectual nor moral traditions to deal with these harsh realities.”, bullshit, it will always be a white supremacist nation because almost everybody is in one supremacy or another, or multiple ones; all engineered to get more through their increasing their conspiracy with the white one, and republican conspiracy, etc..  As for traditions, not needed when you have the last 40 years of the reality of the evolution articulating accurately where, when, what, etc., of the real struggles.  Also, a salient point, when the genocide of the fastest evolving demographic, non-rem Caucasian males (because they had to due to their being genocided by every supremacy for the white supremacy, etc.) is as easy as an African-American starting a fight with him, him falsely accused and going to jail to await trial, and getting murder by a supremacy or fkd out of himself by one or bubba, whether found guilty or not, does time or not, yet, especially if he has to do time, he then, in order to only exist, must buy protection, or join a supremacy or gang to find it, is that easy, because African-American males can stand the less harsh on them realities of being inside, and through conspiracy between ebony and ivory supremacies, possibly not even do any time, then that ‘fix’, which the black supremacy gives to the white supremacy, a lock on their main competition, non-rem Caucasian males, actually, dictating the evolution will be easily exterminated and society will only manufacture machined human beings, unbeing machine parts, almost only replicating the corporate structure’s convolution’s ‘la machine’. “As a country, we are intellectually lazy and morally weak.”, I concur, dems and liberals, merx for more, dinos and rems, mercs for war.  “Mainstream politics, conservative and liberal, are terrified of acknowledging these realities, and so they are pushed to the margins.”, yet, the realities you mention are just a tip of the iceberg, I have given greater hue to, above.  Eleventh, “…The United States still has not faced this history and contemporary reality”, yet, which you failed to mention, it, nor you want to face those realities because it would lead to facing more realities, some of which I’ve mentioned above; and someone might make a nickel less in profits if those realities I mentioned were faced- so, they won’t be, duh.  Thirteenth, “But that doesn?t change the white-supremacist roots and contemporary reality of the United States, and the entrenched resistance to change in the fundamental distribution of wealth and power.”, which, you infer is based on racism, when in fact it’s based on classism; racism, the front behind which ebony and ivory supremacies haggle over the size of their pieces of the american notsee taxpayer dollars pie- and behind which they keep the other supremacies at economic bay, or sidelined in the haggling.  Last, “To date, the United States has turned away from Baldwin?s challenge. I see no evidence in contemporary culture that we are any closer to telling the truth.”, you obviously haven’t checked out my evolutionary writings over the last over 4 decades.  The corporate structure’s convolution’s devolutionary direction has made a trap of this world, the ‘fix’ is only in, no one above 21 can be trusted.  “There’s a beacon in the sky, meant to catch your eye…”, Happy Rhodes.  Dispelling the scarcity based interlocking and laced global economic, fossil fuel fueled, cannibalistic systems of the corporate structure’s convolution, and thereby realizing nature’s abundance based reality of eternal, free, solar energy, through abolition of that fossil fuel dictated defacto-slavery, will realize the evolution’s definition of power as life, growth, consciousness, realizing spiritual flight’s potential, etc., and dispel the notsee definition of power as manipulation to extinction and total destruction of the earth, etc., only if we struggle with their vacuum-up model of economics, that supposedly garner ever increasing amounts of delusional profits, pleasures and powers, in ever increasingly cyclical and centralizing patterns.  This is why ‘keeping it in the ground’, etc., in the direction of complete abolition of non-renewable energy use is the new real civil rights movement.  An injustice to any is an injustice to all, and if it isn’t address individually, it becomes a global injustice as well.  “You can’t struggle with the man’s house (mansion) using the man’s tools”, Audrey Lourdes, “be the change you wish to see in the world”, “the root of all oppression lies in (supposed) science”, Gandhi.  No one must be conned by the convolution, divide and conquer only works on the divided, life is indivisible, as your potential is illimitable.  Embracing the premeditated murder of 8 billion, humanity, through not acting universally on climate  change, is a symptom of the oligarchic plutocracies’ criminal insanity, as is the corporate structure’s convolution, as a means to that end, both are rabid symptoms of the universal national problem of narcissistic self-possession to criminal insanity caused by human-centricity, etc..  Great essay, thanx for sharing; copy and share as you will.   reality

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Remember Hiroshima at the Olympics opening ceremony

Source: Remember Hiroshima at the Olympics opening ceremony

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Tell Arvig to not discriminate against English speakers

These acts on Disabled Greens News and Discussion:

Tell Arvig to not discriminate against English speakers, please sign:

This petition on change . org:

Tell Arvig to not discriminate against English speakers:

Sign- tell arvig to not discriminate against english speakers:



This petition on MoveOn . org:

Tell Arvig to not discriminate against English speakers





Tell Arvig to not discriminate against English speakers:

Arvig has “decided to stop providing pay-per-view movie services to English speaking people”, removing those 3 channels, while increasing their Spanish speaking pay-per-view movie services by 500 %. In your own words, or with the petition below, let Arvig know we’re sorry we weren’t born Mexican, BUT, we promise to be born Mexican next time, if they just return their English pay-per-view movie services to their loyal customers now.

Subject: Stop discriminating against English speakers

Dear Arvig Customer Care,

Your corporation, Arvig, has “decided to stop providing pay-per-view movie services to English speaking people”, removing those 3 channels, while increasing your Spanish speaking pay-per-view movie services by 500 %. I think I can speak for all English speakers when I say we’re sorry we weren’t born Mexican, BUT, we promise to be born Mexican next time, and even pay more for each movie now, if you just return your English pay-per-view movie services to your loyal customers, now.


Related linx   :)

reality’s Yahoo webhostsite:


Copy, share, as you will. Thanx for all you do.  james m nordlund   reality (aja):)

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Xacts: Hillary, The Serial Rapist; activism, advocacy, please sign

Xacts: Hillary, The Serial Rapist; activism, advocacy, please sign
These acts on Disabled Greens News and Discussion:
Xacts: Hillary, The Serial Rapist; activism, advocacy, please sign:

This petition on change . org: Xacts: Now:

And for all you do, Advocacy poetree twigs too   :)

Hillary, The Serial Rapist

Because she knew about Bill’s decades long serial raping of women
And never reported it to Police, and is therefore a conspirator in an
Interstate conspiracy to serially rape, which is organized crime. Just
Think, a whisper in the night by her at the right time, might have
Changed all that horror.  She shouldn’t have told her campaign to
Accuse Bernie of, ‘attacking women like the republicans do on
Reproductive rights’, it’s an extreme lie, like the tea partiers do,
Their motto being, ‘why tell any ole lie when you can tell an extreme
One’, and the republicans just lie, pathologically, their motto, ‘why tell
A truth when you can lie’.  As a lifelong feminist I was horrified, sorry
Woman’s supremacy, we know only women’s lives matter to you, but,
Even non-republican, Caucasian, heterosexual male lives matter to us,
Wee, the real left and evolution.  Sanders has been rated a, ‘100 %’,
Supporter of women’s issues, etc., by Planned Parenthood, Naral, etc.,
For decades, and will be a exponentially better President than Hillary
‘Corporate, wall st., white supremacist leaning’ Clinton, on all
Issues, especially women’s!  I do think Bernie should announce
He will pick a woman running mate if he’s nominated, now.   reality

Three Strikes You’re Out Bush Klan

First, grandpa, Prescott Bush, was hitler’s and the notsee party’s personal
Banker. Second, senior, was head of the central lack of intelligence agency
And Vice President when he and the us built up sadam hussein and provided
Him with chemical weapons to murder his people, with billions of your tax $.
Third, junior, king george and his dick, cheney, purposely didn’t prevent
The attacks on 9-11-01. The bush and bin laden klans had been in
Business for decades, bush knew the day the attacks were going to happen,
And after, where bin laden was, and had no more interest in , ‘catching him’,
Than the Pakistani Gov’t did. ‘…We(e), the people…’, as one say, ‘three strikes
You’re out’, no more notsee Bush Presidencies.   reality

Related linx   :)

reality’s Yahoo webhostsite:

Copy, share, as you will. 

james m nordlund   reality (aja):)

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Actx: Pope’s better yet Sparta’s neutering of unchosen to be rems continues

Whoever is continually removing my posts quit it!

Actx: Pope’s better yet Sparta’s neutering of unchosen to be rems continues These acts on Disabled Greens News and Discussion: Actx: Pope’s better yet Sparta’s neutering of unchosen to be rems continues: This petition on change . org: Actx: Now:


In thanx, a twig of my advocacy poetree for you: Pope Francis Better, Yet Here, Neutering Of Sparta’s Unchosen To Be Rems Newborn Caucasians, mass-pedophiling of kids, the republican conspiracies psychic terrorism, “the suck”, mass-assassination of infants for the Dr. Mengeles, medical industrial complex, etc., programs still devolve the population into walking dead believers or non, almost all mercenaries for more, fodder for the war machine, fueled on the blood of non: supremacists, rich, us citizens, supposed Christians, Caucasians.  While the Pope has proven that Pope’s can be Christian, his iconiking Kim Davis with a Papal visit here, though, only revealed days after he left, has proven he’s not much of one.  How much of a backslide is it from a Gov’t officiousness denying civil rights to any of a particular demographic to a serial murderer masquerading as a cop unendingly assassinating the same?…


Petitions to The U.S. House of Representatives, Senate, and President Barack Obama:  Will you sign these petitions? Click here: reality’s Yahoo webhostsite: Thanx for all you do, copy, share as you will.  james m nordlund   reality (aja):)

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