Xacts: Hillary, The Serial Rapist; activism, advocacy, please sign

Xacts: Hillary, The Serial Rapist; activism, advocacy, please sign
These acts on Disabled Greens News and Discussion:
Xacts: Hillary, The Serial Rapist; activism, advocacy, please sign:


This petition on change . org: Xacts: Now:


And for all you do, Advocacy poetree twigs too   :)

Hillary, The Serial Rapist

Because she knew about Bill’s decades long serial raping of women
And never reported it to Police, and is therefore a conspirator in an
Interstate conspiracy to serially rape, which is organized crime. Just
Think, a whisper in the night by her at the right time, might have
Changed all that horror.  She shouldn’t have told her campaign to
Accuse Bernie of, ‘attacking women like the republicans do on
Reproductive rights’, it’s an extreme lie, like the tea partiers do,
Their motto being, ‘why tell any ole lie when you can tell an extreme
One’, and the republicans just lie, pathologically, their motto, ‘why tell
A truth when you can lie’.  As a lifelong feminist I was horrified, sorry
Woman’s supremacy, we know only women’s lives matter to you, but,
Even non-republican, Caucasian, heterosexual male lives matter to us,
Wee, the real left and evolution.  Sanders has been rated a, ‘100 %’,
Supporter of women’s issues, etc., by Planned Parenthood, Naral, etc.,
For decades, and will be a exponentially better President than Hillary
‘Corporate, wall st., white supremacist leaning’ Clinton, on all
Issues, especially women’s!  I do think Bernie should announce
He will pick a woman running mate if he’s nominated, now.   reality

Three Strikes You’re Out Bush Klan

First, grandpa, Prescott Bush, was hitler’s and the notsee party’s personal
Banker. Second, senior, was head of the central lack of intelligence agency
And Vice President when he and the us built up sadam hussein and provided
Him with chemical weapons to murder his people, with billions of your tax $.
Third, junior, king george and his dick, cheney, purposely didn’t prevent
The attacks on 9-11-01. The bush and bin laden klans had been in
Business for decades, bush knew the day the attacks were going to happen,
And after, where bin laden was, and had no more interest in , ‘catching him’,
Than the Pakistani Gov’t did. ‘…We(e), the people…’, as one say, ‘three strikes
You’re out’, no more notsee Bush Presidencies.   reality

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reality’s Yahoo webhostsite:


Copy, share, as you will. 

james m nordlund   reality (aja):)

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Actx: Pope’s better yet Sparta’s neutering of unchosen to be rems continues

Whoever is continually removing my posts quit it!

Actx: Pope’s better yet Sparta’s neutering of unchosen to be rems continues These acts on Disabled Greens News and Discussion: Actx: Pope’s better yet Sparta’s neutering of unchosen to be rems continues: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DisabledGreensNews/message/9202 This petition on change . org: Actx: Now: https://www.change.org/p/actx-now


In thanx, a twig of my advocacy poetree for you: Pope Francis Better, Yet Here, Neutering Of Sparta’s Unchosen To Be Rems Newborn Caucasians, mass-pedophiling of kids, the republican conspiracies psychic terrorism, “the suck”, mass-assassination of infants for the Dr. Mengeles, medical industrial complex, etc., programs still devolve the population into walking dead believers or non, almost all mercenaries for more, fodder for the war machine, fueled on the blood of non: supremacists, rich, us citizens, supposed Christians, Caucasians.  While the Pope has proven that Pope’s can be Christian, his iconiking Kim Davis with a Papal visit here, though, only revealed days after he left, has proven he’s not much of one.  How much of a backslide is it from a Gov’t officiousness denying civil rights to any of a particular demographic to a serial murderer masquerading as a cop unendingly assassinating the same?…


Petitions to The U.S. House of Representatives, Senate, and President Barack Obama:  Will you sign these petitions? Click here: http://diy.rootsaction.org/p/reality http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/wee-arent-charlie-crusaders?source=c.em.cp&r_by=431440 https://www.credomobilize.com/petitions/we-e-aren-t-charlie-crusaders-nor-m-e-dictators-merc-army-any-more-1 http://diy.rootsaction.org/petitions/we-e-aren-t-charlie-crusaders-nor-m-e-dictators-merc-army-any-more reality’s Yahoo webhostsite: http://www.thevolutionaries.com/home Thanx for all you do, copy, share as you will.  james m nordlund   reality (aja):)

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Actx: southern black supremacists, (only) black lives matter, abusing elderly

Actx: southern black supremacists, (only) black lives matter, abusing elderly

These acts on Disabled Greens News and Discussion:
Actx: southern black supremacists, (only) black lives matter, abusing elderly:

This petition on change . org: Actx: Now:



In thanx, a twig of advocacy poetree for you:


Southern Black Supremacists, (Only) Black Lives Matter, Abusing The Elderly


Isn’t non-violent or activism, it’s sexist, sexualityist, ageist, racist, classist. Just because Barack and the civil wrongs leaders want Hillary, the Goldwater admiring, darling of wall st., war friendly corporate structure moderate dem to be the dem’s nominee, instead of the most progressive person to ever run for the nomination, Bernie, doesn’t mean their abuse shouldn’t be stood up to. Those 20 something, infants, in terms of activism, shouted that Bernie’s crowd was racist, which is a lie, black supremacists are racists, not the most progressive people in the nation, Bernie’s mostly elderly event ended without him getting to speak. By the way, if you say someone has to say or do something in order for you to stop abusing them, that’s, at minimum, totalitarianism, or notseeism, as well, if you take a mic from someone that is crime. They make believe they’re struggling against the white supremacy while they’re actually struggling for it, as usual. If they were struggling with the klueless kluking klan, instead of doing a circle jerk around a burning cross like them, they would have been abusing the 21 rem candidates for the remocrat nomination, who are all white supremacists, regardless of race, sex, etc., and/or the moderate dempublicans running, not almost exclusively Bernie, who, as the next president of the united suck of assassins, will be 3 times better for African-Americans than Barack was, and twice as good as Hillary would have been for women’s issues, etc.! I’ve been an African-American activist/advocate since 16 years old, on the front line of killer cop demonstrations, social justice, organizing, etc., and also work on all issues for all life, and for the latest 2 of my 57 years as an advocate/activist only, due to continually worsening diffabilities (being assassinated by the white supremacy), and I’ve never seen such an extreme grab for power by supposed christian taliban, the African-American supremacy, and supposed christian al-queda, the white supremacy, ebony and ivory supremacies, working together in perfect harmony, to divide and conquer the nation between them, not much more than mercenaries for more. Now that this 1 year old group, who I’m hoping doesn’t represent, Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, I Can’t Breathe, regional social justice groups that have arisen to meet the overt need, has turned notsee, we must re-evaluate their actions more accurately. Older and historical groups which I’m a member of, 100’s, do activism and advocate through, donate to are actually non-violent, instead of pathological liars. For e.g., we’ve only a month to get the Iran Deal passed, why isn’t Cornel’s Group, Jewish Voice for Peace, doing advocacy to support it? Yes, it’s courageous for him to be arrested in Ferguson, and we’re with him in Spirit, yet, why must it be now, and not a month from now? Is the JVP really working for the Israeli Gov’t, supposed Hebrew al-queda and taliban, like my on again off again decade long membership and support of their work has informed me, they actually just supporting the status quo while supposedly struggling for peace, for the Iran Deal will take away a war with Iran from the war machine profiteers of every ilk, and potentially save humanity from itself. Bernie represents a devastating blow to la machine’s, the corporate structure’s, convolution’s war machine (and devolutionary direction), that is oiled by the blood of millions of non: upper to rich, white, Christian, USA citizens, and they will have the black supremacists do anything they can to stop him. It’s nothing new, southern black supremacists sent north by the white supremacy to genocide progressive Caucasians, yet, we can’t let it happen to the next president of the USA. Also, the African-American supremacy has overtly stated continually their support for Hillary over Bernie, is it the “once you go Black you never go back” strategy they use in larger cities to get political office for African-Americans more by secretly collaborating with the rems, purposely not supporting non-African-American progressive candidates for office, and thereby almost ensuring that the only non-rem candidates that get the office are African-Americans through their continual collaboration with the rems, like Al’s famous for in NYC mayoral politics? As well, we can’t forget that the African-American polity in Ferguson, MI, voted 70 % for the white racist D.A. who had previously got off serial murdering cops, like he got Michael Brown’s murderer, who was a cop, off from even being indicted, only 1 week before Mr. Brown’s murder, they were voting white supremacist because they were getting paid, or something, for it, and now, only a year later they’re making believe they’re the leaders of the left, and should dictate what the rest of the left should say, do, and when…, b.s.. They remind me of Reagan “we’ve got 300 buses, but no drivers” Nagin, whose sitting in federal prison as he should be, who murdered over a 1000 African-Americans for the white supremacy while he acted like he was African-Americans impassioned leader, savior, as mayor of NOLA, on this almost tenth anniversary of the Katrina scam and genocide. We’ve also had an immediate fake forgiveness frenzy for the white supremacist terrorist who assassinated 9 present and future political and otherwise leaders of the African-American community and our nation 6 weeks ago, with the preacher-in-chief directly propagating one of the biggest and most notsee lies of the Roman Catholic Imperial Church on the teachings of Jesus, when he said that “Roof (the white supremacist terrorist) was an instrument of God”, a despicable lie. That terrorist attack, to take revenge on State Senator Rev. Clementa Pinckney, was probably orchestrated by the Police, who were white supremacist supporter’s of the serial murdering cop who murdered Walter Scott 2 months before that, for the Rev. helped get their cop body cam bill passed, should be investigated and prosecuted as such, yet, no one mentions this truth about the political assassinations, the conspiracy of silence still alive and well, sadly. So too, the Roman Catholic empire’s pope is coming in a month, near the anniversary of king George and his dick, Cheney’s, purposeful non-prevention of the 9-11-01 attacks, and Barack and the Dems just lobbied to get all Dems to promise to watch the first Rem adult table debate, giving the rems the highest amount of viewers for any debate ever, ’cause that’s what dinos do, conspire with the rems, coinky dinks, I think not, the sleeper must awaken. I’m every panther, it’s only me, I do whatever the Earth needs done, naturally, pink panther for the LGBTQ community, grey panther for the elderly, black, red, bisque, teak, teal, chartreuse, even blue for the smurfs, and I will not allow the elderly, Bernie, to be abused, will you? Viva la evolution. reality


Thanx for all you do, copy, share as you will. 

james m nordlund   reality (aja):)

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Acts/Arts: Evoke, notseeism isn’t freedom, on Dr. M.L.K., Jr. Day

These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:

Acts/Arts: Evoke, notseeism isn’t freedom, on Dr. M.L.K., Jr. Day:


This petition on change . org: Actions: Arts:


Twigs of Advocacy Poetree, etc.:

I Am Not ‘Charlie’

If you’ll allow an irreverent non-conformity

In this land of the wee, home of the knave,

Where we gave up the right to even live

Decades ago, but, no one will ever know

‘Cause the show goes on, as the war,

‘Ebdo’ and ‘Interview’ are engineering to be,

Unending, must. You see that’s the easier

Way rems get to steal astronomically more

Taxpayers dollas, while most of humanity

Are dictated to live in squalas, they being

Funneled throw military/intelligence industrial

Complexes to mostly rems, and some dinos.

On the egregiousness we concur, and a

Mourning period to which I defer, yet,

The supposed Islamic extremists are only

Taking their cues from the supposed Christian

Extremists. The U.S.A. took its eye off the

Terror ball for 6 to 8 months, determining ISIS

Growth in strength, extremisms spread, and

The inevitable conformist reactions of most.

They did the same thing with ebola, instead

Of squashing it at its inception they waited ’til

A continual military response was “required”.

More politics as usual, while the dino-in-chief

Was making speeches like he’s a civil rights

Leader on the African-American and white

Supremacies latest haggling over “more

Policing jobs for Blacks” now and more for

Other Blacks later, he was not vetoing

A Bill that gutted the Dodd-Frank Bill which,

Remedied the gutting of the economy in 2007

To 2008, thereby setting up the gutting of the

Economy by Wall St. in 10 to 15 years and

The loss of millions of homes, jobs by Blacks,

Same as it ever was. Yes the civil wrongs

Movement, conspiring with the rems, get

More jobs for Blacks, yet they provide the

Smoke + mirrors, song + dance, political

Theatre through multi-media conspiracy.

Providing cover for the rems and dinos

Agendas, like militarization of all gov’ts

And countries as a necessary preface

To the extermination to extinction of large

Mammals, humanity, and total destruction

Of the Earth. So the premeditated murder

Of 8 billion people through climate change

Isn’t exigent enough to get coverage, action,

Advocacy, etc., thereby giving the white

Supremacy the extinction they want, their

Hitlerian “final solution”, etc.. Yet, I digress,

Why isn’t the definition of freedom as you

Doing whatever you want, being challenged

Universally? Usually that extremist nihilistic

Narcissism is grown out of by 3 years old,

C’est la unvie, no? Everybody knows there

Are things you can do, BUT, should not,

Like calling African-Americans the ‘n’ word

In Harlem, Italians kusheins in Bensonhurst,

Latinos spiks in Spanish Harlem, and live.

Should we have a national politically

Correct war against racists in the U.S.A., or,

Against the anti-racists? No, we understand

That what we project as superior is just that,

Our projections, and if they’re evolutionarily

Better, our example and actions will assist

In them eventually prevailing. This was

Always understood, cultures, countries,

Religions change as they do, not as we want,

Nor, should they. Anti-Islamist, Semitic

Extremists are being manufactured at an

Astronomically greater rate, as duality based

Projections, like ‘sides’, are, if we choose, it’s

Our responsibility to not denigrate others

Gods, Prophets, like printing that SCA’s

Are subhuman sheep, biological machines,

That have swallowed the Roman Catholic

Imperial lies about Jesus whole and are

Actually more like fake Satanists in their

Actions effects, than students of Jesus.

And our responsibility to not be tools of the

Illegal united suck of assassins central lack

Of intelligence agencies rogue attempts to

Legitimize king george and his dick, cheney’s

“Axis of evil” list’s, of dozens of countries that

Aren’t, agenda of destroying all those nations

And assassination of heads of states. Even

Supposed secularists, who actually worship

The dualistic false-Gods of mammon, extreme

Wealth, and moloch, extreme destruction, like

Most, are jumping on the falsely legitimized

Supposed Christian global unending blitzkrieg

War against all life, art, science, culture, et al,

Bandwagon. I won’t depict The Prophet

Mohammad, Peace be upon him, in anyway,

Because it’s an accurate teaching in Islam,

Correcting the uber-idolatry of other supposed

Students of The Book, like Jews, Christians.

And I will not see, ’cause I’m not a notsee,

The latest stupid white guy movie, because

It’s hollywood’s work for CLIA, same as they

Always do. As well, I will continue to exercise

My responsibility to evoke, even though their

Attempts to assassinate me now include full

Blown heart attacks instead of just mini ones,

Etc., by the rems/dems psychic terrorism, the

Suck, vampires are actually no fun at all.

For, if I stopped exercising my responsibility,

Its Siamese twin sister, freedom would wither

Like an unexercised muscle, as well. The

Duopoly, imperial rems/dems, need you to

Replicate la machine, unbe an autonomic

Part in it, thereby replicating their military

Machine, that’s oiled by the blood of non:

Caucasian, rich, Christian, US citizens, by

Not dispelling their delusions, not being

Humane. I’ll continue to struggle, strive,

Thrive, evolve and refuse, I Am Not ‘Charlie’,

Et tu? Viva France, viva la Evolution.

(republicans: remocrats, rems; democrats: dempublicans, dems; supposed Christian a’s: SCA’s.)

They Try, Homogeni, Pasteuri, I And I

But, I’m not their white milk,

Nor their white bread destroying

Growing bodies in 12 ways.

They speak with ‘forked tongue’,

Think with spooned nose,

Will “…wee,…” be undone?

While foliticians, ‘smooth as silk’,

‘Thick as thieves’, all ask for “a fiver,

If you please”, thousands of kids die

Everyday from hunger, disease.

Life is indivisible, are you?

Remember, it’s quixotic to ’tilt at windmills’,

Yet, cosmological to stand up to skyscrapers,

Climate change will murder everyone,

No issue is larger, all issues worsened by it.

And, while you’re playing your ‘ace in the hole’,

Watch, you don’t get your ass in one.

Another Thanx/Mourning Day

I am thankful for,

The wonder of our

Morning star’s rise,

And it’s setting

Within our eyes,

On this Beauty Way

We build each day

With great surprise.

Natives’ compassion taught Pilgrims at Plymouth How to live within, give to, Natures’ abundance.

That providence sowed Reaped graces’ harvest, Fraternity, bearing Fruits to this day.

We gave Native America Genocide, Earthocide. Chief Seattle said, No one can own the land.

Bowing to Above and Below, For gifts bestowed, Giving, may we again, Walk that way.

While giving thanx on this

Full Moon’s day for it,

There, but for the grace of

God and Great Spirit, go I.

“…Suffer The Children…”

“…For theirs is

The Kingdom of…”, (Heaven).

Here they say, “right

Quick, get ‘er done.”

In the West, “kill ’em

Before they grow.”

In the city, “stick a fork

In ’em, turn ’em over

They’re done.” The Brits,

“They’ll be sorted.”

Anyone saying, ‘believe’,

Or, ‘trust’, anyone,

Is a conman, and ‘you can’t

Con an honest man’.

Life’s indivisible, are you?

Jesus said, you can

Walk this way, not

As sheep, led to sleep,

Then slaughter, rather,

As man, led by, “…I am.”

Vote As If Your Life Depends On It Because It Does

Bleeding for All,

‘Cause I take bullets,

Therefore aint making them,

Laying in this hospital bed,

I know, “…death (murder)

Shall have no dominion…”,

‘…Wee, the people…’,

Can stop them!

Slide To Oeuvre

We shutter to think of what our lenses miss,

Within Sky above, Earth below, as we walk towards know.

The camera isn’t pointed, the point cameras, as

We wander, share the wonder, ephemerally gleaned.

(Dedicated to Ansel Adams’ life and work)

Gotta Have Heart…

…And hearth. Even nomadism bows to the Bedouin rule,

Diya’fa, hospitality, a way to be, including poetry sung

By bards, elder and young, a calling and answer from reality,

Rahim. Sephardic, being no less bardic, find this too.

Yes, sons of Isaac and Ishmael, remembering their way,

As man, not deserted in the Middle East, seeks peace.

An eliatic twist, from experience to philosophic introspection,

Then evocation, isn’t only found in non-arable land. There,

The making of parables demand, can’t be met by a versifier,

Rhymester, alone. The commons being everywhere, the eldest,

A commoner too, …while first among the few, would bristle

At the thought, show spine. For the Sun doesn’t bleed him

As we bleed the Earth, the fouling of one sky doesn’t follow

His wordsmithing or mirth. As theirs is no sauntering, as they

Being itinerant, have a wanderer’s mind, not rambling, ambling,

No wayfaring, while meandering, nomadic. With this vestige,

Anthropologically traced, and poetically chased, as a garnish,

If you’ll allow, we have a taste, and can know they’ve not

Sown the wind, and most certainly won’t reap the whirlwind.

The Hardening Sun…

Can be shine again,

Our allowing false-egos

To join shadows, the past’

Din, can be, only if we

Choose to. This choosing

One, not two, not being

Dualities’ fool, was done

Once, we were conceived

Once. Weather cycles,

Permanently altered,

Beat down Africa,

The Middle East,

Ravaging Asia. Our

Being solar, Earth energy,

As we are, putting

Non-renewables in the past,

At last, has to be, if we

Ever were, are, or Earth,

Humanity won’t be. An

Abundance based Cosmos

Can’t stop us from not being it,

Basing global society on

Inter: locking, laced systems

Of scarcity, instead.

Delusionally raping

Mountaintops for supposed

Short-term gains,

Causing unending loss, pain,

Instead, is symptomatic

Of what’s not going on

Inside your head. Gaia,

Being denatured, like me

And you, struggles, as

We do, with extremely more

Powerful forces than it.

Losing, slowly, its orbit

Around the Sun degrading,

It needs to be given a break,

Now, or humanity won’t

Get one when…, then.

Stop Judgment Day You Dictated, Burning You Before The Sun

Don’t become the midnight madness. As your abominations gravity,

You tried to spaceship escape, drags you back through the

Solar-system you destroyed, change, begin again, learn, chance, for everyone, Turn 360 degrees around, back to the future, the evolution.

A Raggedy Edge Of Reality Blues

A long night’s journey into day, without,

Doesn’t bring about awakening all around.

As the RalphiNader’s cloistered political past’s

Projections of a fix for yore, which left me aghast

The night before, still abhor. For, you give a rem

An inch, they continually demand seven more.

The only struggle ever worth the full measure of

Humanities’ blood, guts, is the one to the death.

A new, “good”, tripartisanshiting on us, like the

Tea partiers, rems and (their pet dinos) dems

Sausage-making is doing now, by Libertarians,

Conservatives and Progressives conciliaries,

Will never happen, because Progressives

Brains could never be ‘sucked’ to that point

Of vacuity, without them imploding, first.

(Republican = remocrat, Democrat = dempublican, ergo, rems and dems.)

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Starlite Poetry Cafe:


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Thanx for all you do, copy and share as you will.

Matutinally Yours,

reality (aja):)

james m nordlund

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Cease and desist not sees, or I end not sees

Cease and desist not sees, or I end not sees

Happy New Year, may each day be new and green all the way through. Whoever’s the not see lgbtq log cabin piece of … who hacked off all my posts on most of my threads in this group, stop!!! There is already astronomical consequences happening because of that.




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Good Get Out The Vote Month to All; Actions

Good Get Out The Vote Month to All; Actions

These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:

Good Get Out The Vote Month to All; Actions:


This petition on change . org: Arts: Acts:


Protect the Vote:


or call 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683).

VotoLatino . org: Pride in our culture, power in our vote:


America’s Voice: Time to Vote:


League of Women Voters: League Voice Newsletter:


Vote 411 . Org:


LWV MN E-News- Voting Rights Update:


LWV Red River Valley: Candidates forums, etc.:


Citizens for Election Integrity MN:


Greater Minnesota Counts:


League of Rural Voters:


Take Action Minnesota . org: Elections three weeks away!!!:


Rock The Vote: Register, etc.:


Get involved:


L.C.C.R.: Act for the Vote:


Rainbow PUSH Coalition: Jesse Jackson: Obama has worked for all Americans:


AAUW . org: G.O.T.V.:


Color Of Change . org: Stop corporate-funded voter suppression:


A.A.P.D.: G.O.T.V. + Uber-Storm Sandy Relief Resources, etc.:


The National Action Network: Act:


Moveon . org: Open the DMV, or no voter ID!:




Governor Walker: Relax voter ID restrictions in Wisconsin:


AFSCME: Pledge to vote, etc.:


P.P.: Elections, politics:


Voter Guide:


F.M.: Actions:


Green Party: Acts:


Senator Bernie Sanders, (D-VT): Voter ID Laws Put Price on Voting, Hurt Turnout:


Public Citizen . org:


Citizen Works . org:

League of Conservation Voters:


Stand with Robert Redford — Help defeat the Dirty Dozen:


Call Out The Vote . Com:




NWLC . org: Actions:


Results . org: Actions:


CREDO Action . com: Actions:


Can I Vote:


National Association of Secretaries of State:


Daily Kos . com: Elections weeks away:


Campaign for America’s Future: Soon, it’s Time to Vote:


U.S. Election Assistance Commission:


Progressive Secretary . org: Actions:


U.V.: Actions:


Democracy for America: Elections are just around the corner:


Citizens For Health: Act:


Fair Share Action . org:


CLW: Help get out the Vote:




Free Press . net: Stand for Electoral communication:


A.A.I.: Yalla Vote . com: Vote Your Hopes, Not Your fears:


CAIR . com: Actions:


OurTime . Org: Pledge to Vote:


NALU: Native American: Politics:


The Pen: Women’s choice:


Peace-Action . org: Actions:


No More Stolen Elections!: We ask you to sign the Pledge of Action:


F.D.L.: Can You Help?:

Progressive Change Campaign: Actions:


Rebuild The Dream:


Sum of Us . org:


Letters to the Editor should include your name, address, and phone # for LTE, so they can call you back to confirm it’s your letter: Sites to send out Advocacy from, etc.:



Phone #’s of your Representatives, etc.:


Congress . org:


Related Action Alerts:

Act/Art, Good Happiness Happens Mth, G.O.T.V., create for All, write on:

These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:


This petition on change.org: Act: Art:


Copy, share as you will. Thanx for all you do.

james m nordlund

reality (aja):)


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Act/Art, Good Labor Month, G.O.T.V., create for All, write on


Act/Art, Good Labor Month, G.O.T.V., create for All, write on:


These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:



This petition on change.org: Act: Art:


Twigs of Advocacy Poetree, etc.:

A High Treasonous Bush Being President in 2016???!!

First and foremost Grandpa, Percy Bush, being prosecuted for
Being Hitler’s, and the notsee’s, banker, even years after WWII
Ended, no more should ever need be said. Then dad, GH Bush,
Who did treason by the October-surprise, Iran-contra-gate,
Supporting Pinochet, Noriega, Sadam Hussein, Shah of Iran, etc..
Then the kid, king George and his dick, Cheney, purposely not
Preventing the attacks on 9-11-01, with the elite of the republican
Conspiracy, the Bushes having been in business with the
Bin Ladens for decades; ordering the troops at Tora Bora to let
Bin laden slip into Pakistan, and Bin Laden, a few years later,
“Not of importance”, to king george; engineering the fabrication of
Intelligence, evidence, fake witnesses and sources of intelligence
To con this country into an unnecessary, and they still hope,
Unending war in Iraq, as well as having others lie for him, like
Colin “Sadam could hit Washington with a nuclear missile in 45
Minutes“ Powell to the U.N., when I said at the time, Sadam couldn‘t
Find his as with both hands in 45 minutes, and Condolessa “We did
Not know planes could fly into buildings“ Rice to the world, who,
Apparently, never saw a boy play. High traitors like these Bushes
Should be prosecuted and executed for the Highest of treasons
They continually committed, and still would be if they were in the
Whitehouse, not awarded another Presidency by the Dems/Rems,
Ebony and ivory, supremacies, working together in perfect harmony.
Do we need a bumper-sticker: ‘No Bush For President, EVER??!!!’

Medical Industrial Complex, Is Notsee La Machine, Mecha Ending Orga

Medical supremacists, Dr. Mengele replicants,
Continue work for: Hitlerian supposed Christian
Al-queda, Taliban, CA eugenics national programs
Hitler used in his “final solution”, now, genociding
Caucasian nonrepublican infants to men,
Cornerstone of the corporate structure’s
Convolution’s final solution, ending humanity.

Supposed Christian Al-queda and Taliban Leaders Met

Christian Pope, Twelve (supremacies) headed
Beast of Revelations, concurred on their continuing
King george and his dick, cheneys‘, global “crusading,
Unending, war against axis of evil
Nations“, that aren’t.

A Mountain Underground, That A Molehill Might Be
Independence starts with two’s, terrible or not, beginning
What Freud called wishful thinking, Jung’s individuation
Starts then, while he contends it continues to 40, Piaget
Called it the pre-operational stage, Erikson, the autonomy
Stage. Yet, if we placed those four great psychological
Scientists parameters for this stage in a toddler’s life
On a chart and compared our average adult to them,
They would not stack-up to the rigors the kids minds must
Go through evolutionarily, why? It begins with our
Replacing what kids know naturally with info. memorized
By rote, they must regurgitate to succeed. Removing
Their innate curiosity and replacing it with conformity.
They’re not given nature’s abundant gift of learning,
Rather, the scarcity based deficit of go along to get along.
Sadly, this continues through college, with the market
Driven academic supremacy sealing the deal with the
Devil. Then, in their working lives, free will, etc., is
Removed and replaced with further mind numbing
Sociological programming, being brainwashed by the
Corporate structure’s convolution’s devolutionary
Direction, Roman Catholic imperial lies swallowed whole,
The religion of scientism, etc.. Literally ending any desire
Of adults to be lifetime learners, the greatest gift of all
And the only hope for humanity to exist. The old bi-polar
Axi of supposed global power, republican and totalitarian,
The terrible twos, now being replaced by a plethora of
Supremacies nationally, all collaborating with the old ones,
Instead of getting rid of the white supremacy it‘s being
Replicated, the new notsees, la machine. Replacing
Healthy skepticism with cynicism, or worse deterministic
Fatalism to defeatism. No wonder most everyone are
Either nihilistic narcissists or narcissistic nihilists, and
Destruction to extinction has become the coin of the realm.
We know where independence ends, we, gathering like
Sheep in bunches, failing to stop cannibalizing of Earth,
Humanity, falling, only to be the rich’s lunches. Or, now,
Will we replace non-renewable fuels with renewable ones,
Walk in nature’s balance again, leaving no footprints
That will echo in all ways, always. Viva la evolution.


“To leap and contend”, as agua
Uncontainably articulating.
Released from our personal hells, mental cells,
Made of bricks of illusions, constructing walls of delusions.
Self-determination, whether in a person or a nation,
Regardless of age, race, creed, color, religion, sex, sexuality.
Ideally, one should only get to exercise
The same liberties they afford others.

“…Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…”
“Inalienable rights“, Constitutionally guaranteed, yet,
70 % have been forcibly placed in a lower-middle-class
To poor economic status, where life, the only right that
Actually exists in the Cosmos, which is the basis of all,
Is an unreachable ’American Dream’. This day’mare
Is even worse for African-Americans, Latinos, Native-
Americans, and even more so for migrant workers.

Freedoms of expression, to gather, occupy a place
Of your own, work, without fear, not be unduly restricted,
Restrained, confined, repressed, oppressed, dominated.
Free will, also to not be brainwashed by the corporate
Structure’s convolution’s devolutionary direction,
Roman Catholic Imperial lies, the religion of scientism,
Etc., ability to feel, think, be skeptical, learn, question,
Grow, relate, freely, are all self-evidently necessary.

Being free is not replacing what kids know evolutionarily
With info. by rote, isn’t choosing from the Baskin and
Robbins 21 flavors of supremacy, all genociding
Non-republican Caucasian infants to men for the white
Supremacy, and the united suck of assassins. It’s not
Being automated into a part of the assbackwards notsee
War machine against all life, art, God, et al, that’s
Oiled by non: USA‘s, Christian‘s, Caucasian‘s, rich‘s blood.

It’s not allowing the plutocratic, politician’s supremacist,
Butcher’s, sausage made austerity budget, to steal food
From the mouths of babes by cutting SNAP, not extending
Unemployment benefits, etc., and giving it to billionaires,
Tripartisanshitting on our people, the land, with their ‘final
Solution’, the continued use of non-renewable fuels, like
Hitler’s, extinction of all life and destruction of the Earth,
So they can easily steal everyone’s everything.

It’s not forgetting that: if you don’t exercise responsibility,
Its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither, like an
Unused muscle, as well; that we’re getting rid of the
Traditional supremacies, not allowing replicant ones to do
The same things, enforcing the fact that destruction to
Extinction is the coin of the realm; that “we must be the
Change we wish to see in the world”; also, if you’re not
Taking bullets, you’re making them to be used on others.

From God’s Eye (Or Your Hand?)

Imagine the grandeur of the Cosmos, an expanding Universe,
With billions of Galaxies each, like our Milky Way, each with
Millions of Solar-Systems, each with a Star, like ours, imagine
The wonder of the One! Then imagine, something the size of
One electron of one atom of one molecule of one cell of your
Body, in comparison to your soma, it’s the size of our Earth
In comparison to the Cosmos. Imagine the inconceivable
Amount of Cosmological real power being exercised every
Moment, everywhere. On this infinitely small aspect of the
Cosmos, Earth, is the only higher forms of life known. This
Tens of billions of years old balance, our dance of the spheres,
We see all around us, all life awakening at dawn, the rise, fall
Of the tides, water’s ebb and flow, Earth’s nature striking that
Balance with the Cosmos, as we mere mortals “leap
And contend“, with all the poise we can muster, like agua.

Yet, with our accompanying the universes’ symphony has come
Our cacophony, trillions of tons removed from under the Earth’s
Surface, mostly vaporized, mountaintops stripped, old growth
Forests felled, oceans polluted to radioactive. Now more
Trillions of tons of ozone layer depleting gases are being released
As more trillions of tons of water are from glaciers melting the
Ends off our egg shaped planet, making it a sphere instead,
Degrading the Earth‘s orbit around the Sun. That climate
Change is causing every 100,000 year events, like the altering
Of the position of, and reversal of, the Earth’s magnetic poles,
To happen once every 1000 years instead, when it happens next
Almost all life will be dead. Every 10,000 year events, like mini
Ice-ages, to happen every 100 years, every 1000 year events
To happen every 10, every 100 year events, like uber-storms
From permanently altered weather cycles, to happen every year.

Now, millions die each year from that global nonrenewable fuel
Industrial complex dictated ongoing disaster. When it’s 100
Million, will it then matter? Making it astronomically worse,
Astronomically quicker is the Gov’t’s political use of HAARP
And weather machines to control the weather, destroying Gaia’s
Natural ability to correct itself in its tightroped choreography
Within the Solar-System, why do we let them? Can we globally,
Individually, not even allow the Earth to survive our narcissistic
Nihilism, must we destroy all life as we know it in the Cosmos
To just get more? Or, will you feel, think, relate, act, get out
The vote more? As acid rain from your closed eye, an acre of
Forest falls each second, Earths tears bleed, for all you see is grey.

Humanities extinction can be seen on our horizon, racing towards
Us from our future, will you really change, turn your back on the
Criminally insane who are premeditatedly murdering 8 billion
People, trillions of living beings, and destroying the Earth, turn
360 degrees around, back to the evolution and the future humans
Will only have if you do? Will you be brave, allowing your shadow
To only follow, as you only walk forward toward the light of the
Promised, and still possible, eternal life on Earth. Or will a single
Tear from God, those trillions of tons of glacial melted water, drown
All life, the Red Rain washing your illness away, as the Earth, not
Correcting you in time, burns up before the Sun. Finally, humanity
Without a trace, or will you leave no footprints that will echo always,
And in all ways? Think, then do, there’s no separation, it’s illusion.

“…Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness…”

All “inalienable rights“, guaranteed by our Constitution, etc.,
Yet, more importantly, they outline a direction by which the
Founding fathers chose to steer this fledgling nation. A spirit,
If you’ll allow, to guide their progeny to Barack’s “…more
Perfect union….”. This while, in the here and now, 70 %
Of our brothers and sisters have been forcibly placed in
A lower-middle-class to poor economic status, where life,
The only right that actually exists in the Cosmos, which is
The basis of all others, is an unreachable ’American Dream’.
This daymare is even worse for African-Americans, Latinos,
And even more so for migrant workers. What do we do,
To whom do we listen, to sow the seeds of real change
From the roots up? 99 %ers make believe the main problem
Is “the 1 %”, the have lots, while we all know it’s the upper-
Middle-class to rich, which is 10 %, the facilitators, and
The 21 flavors of our Baskin and Robbins of supremacies,
That all conspire with the traditional supremacies, including
The white one, just to get more of everything. That ‘fix’ has
Been in for too long, and is why, even before the tea party,
Republicans were only 20 % of the population, ruling over
The other 80 %, at present, they‘re 25 %. We look at
The mechanics of the con readily surmising everyone who
Wants to be in, will not struggle with it, in for a penny,
In for a pound, decay bound, replicating ‘la machine’,
Whereas, the real left and evolution have made inroads
In the 70 % of havenots, and have challenged them to
Awaken from their ‘American dreaming‘. The basis by
Which that subjugation has historically, and to this day, taken
Place, is by power being forcibly defined as destruction
Through extinction, and we all know it’s actually growth,
Evolving through to creation. That notsee ‘fix’ can be
De-mystified, dispelled, resisted and removed, if we
Choose an evolutionary, as opposed to the corporate
Structure’s convolution’s devolutionary, direction instead.
A good step would be reparations, the case being most
Admirably made by Ta’ Nehisi Coates, recently. I would
Make a few observations, suggestions en route to its
Implementation. We can ease any economic short-term
Burden by making cash outlays negligible. We can also make
It politically possible by confining those reparations to actual
Relatives of slaves and former slaves alone, and, in the future,
They will spread the opportunity to the rest of the African-
American community. Yet, what is of more importance is
The spirit by which these endeavors proceed. There is
Adequate historical precedent, wiggle room in our economy,
Gov’t, and MBA’s imaginations to come up with a national
System of opportunity for them. For e.g., 20 year no interest
Loans, first reasonable payment can be as late as 20 years
Later, would cover most of it, business, education, vocational
Training, arts academies, etc., enrollment to graduation.
Where there’s a period of 6 months before the support
Programs are up and running, then another year to apply for
Them, all institutions would be obliged to cooperate to the
Fullest to bring about a cultural and economic renaissance
In our nation, through so many people realizing real
Institutional, etc., growth, gains, and passing them on, etc..
Of course, the person with a Masters degree who wants
A doctorate, and still can’t afford the price of books, etc.,
Can find in the spirit of this national endeavor’s workings,
In that institution, relief, etc., if we all pull together we can
Get this done! The price if we don’t, you already know it,
The African-American supremacy conspires with the white
Supremacy to genocide non-republican, Caucasian, infants
To men, the genociding of African-Americans by African-
Americans, through crack distribution, “to buy their American
Dream”, etc., many think of these and many other lifelong
Atrocities and mass-crimes as reparations, even though that
Particular African-American may not even know an African-
American who is actually a relative of a former slave. Ebony
Wouldn’t be able to, legitimately, work together with their
Enemies, ivory, to kill both of their competitions, in perfect
Harmony, etc.. Of course, if someone is disabled, elderly, etc.,
And their not interested in choosing an opportunity, than $
Reparations would be necessary, otherwise, no. As well, for
Africans, Latinos, Asians, etc., real immigration reform,
Without repatriation, etc., and with amnesty, would be
Another step forward. Remember a lesson from WWII,
If you’re not taking bullets, as I am for you, you’re making
Them for ‘la machine’ to use against you and all. Viva la
Evolution, viva la Green Party. Please, get out the vote.

America Is Screaming, Awaken From Dreaming

Before the Baskin and Robbins 21 flavors of supremacy,
All genociding non-republican Caucasian infants to men
For the white supremacy, and the united suck of assassins,
Automated into the assbackwards notsee war machine
Against all life, art, God, et al, that’s oiled by non: USA‘s,
Christian‘s, Caucasian‘s, rich‘s blood, “…we, the people…”,
Knew you don’t grind up the seeds, at least you let the kids
Live! Not anymore, with the ‘new’ plutocratic, politician’s
Supremacist, butcher’s, sausage made budget, stealing
Food from the mouths of babes by cutting SNAP, not
Extending unemployment benefits, etc., and giving it
To billionaires, tripartisanshitting on our people, the land,
Making it evident, it’s an extermination budget, their next
Required step towards their ‘final solution’, like Hitler’s,
Of extinction of humanity and large mammals, so they can
Steal everyone’s everything. Dempublicans, remocrats
And tea baggers liquidating almost all assets and asses,
Especially the masses. The soon to be fact that the
USA is worse than Hirohito, Hitler, Franco and Mussolini
Combined is irrefutable, and isn’t just because we’re
The largest and last notsee empire before the extinction,
Destruction of the Earth. Dinos, dems, again, tell us what
It’s worth, going along to get along, legitimizing all rems
Treason (like Percy Bush being prosecuted for being
Hitler’s, notsee’s, banker even years after WWII ended,
GH Bush who did treason by the October Surprise, Iran-
Contragate, etc., King George and his dick, Cheney
Purposely not preventing the attacks on 9-11-01, having
Been in business with the Bin Ladens for decades, etc.),
Just to increase your piece of the American (sucking) pie,
When you‘ll watch your grandkids die, before they‘re 20,
From climate change? First job of President is to die
For his country, a soldier, then Commander-In-Chief,
Where’s the executive action, demanded by rems
Extremist obstruction, re-enfranchising the “inalienable”
Right to vote nationally? When will this daymare end?

The Recusing of America By Supremacy Court Justice Kagen’s Choice

By the dino-in-chief, made much of obstructionist remocrats,
And their extremist white tea party leaders, five minutes after
King george and his dick, cheney, got kicked to the curb,
Political scorched Earth, slash, burn as you retreat agenda
Possible, while dempublicans watched.

“Discipline Is The Art Of Feeling Awe” (Carlos Castaneda)

The cacophony of your past acts, betrays
The symphony of your projected words,
Talking the talk is not walking the walk,
Nor, that being the be, even a useless tree
Must be tree, and, in being this day what it is
To be this day, the One’s way is revealed.
To exclude is to self-delude, evolve,
We are responsible for one another, and
The One…. Excluding one is excluding self
From the One, ignoring, abandoning, anything
Is abandoning everything, oneself to ignorance.
The basis of all relations, including with self,
And all studies, including activism, advocacy, are
Also environmental, spiritual, compassionate…
If you want to know what’s going on, recapitulation
Of self is the road, to know where you are,
Where you were is the path, what you’ll be doing
And where, the Universe’s dance of the sphere’s,
On the Ones way, the light. As a new journey begins
To honor Nelson Mandela, Pete Seeger, the 50th
Anniversary of Dr. M.L.K., Jr.‘s, Poor People’s
March on Washington, D.C., Maya Angelou, etc.,
Live by your soul‘s lyric, “leap and contend“
(Dorothea Duncan), by your heart‘s melody.
Know, “I was born a poor man’s daughter,
I’ll be happy as a poor man’s wife” (Buffy St. Marie),
And, “no one can own the land” (Chief Seattle).
Sadly, “It’s funny how one insect can damage
So much grain” (Elton John), how 400 years
Of the religion of scientism, one moment
In the Universe’s life, can extinct all life
And the Earth, destroy so much grace.
Finally, humanity without a trace.
Or, will you leave no footprints
That will echo always, and in all ways?

Cannibalizing The Kids, The future, To Replicate The Past, The Ast

Apriori: Kierkegaard, “life can only be understood backwards,
Yet it must be lived forwards“, BUT, the oligarchic, plutocratic
Technocracy’s duopolistic rems/dems live it assbackwards
To engineer it forwards, by rote, replicating past, destruction
To extinction. Don’t grind up seeds.

“Jackhammering Infants For Baby Jesus”,…

Supposed Christian Alqueda’s ‘mantra of the month’,
To genocide his competition before his second coming,
Still a cornerstone of nazification of all to dictate
The extermination to extinction of humanity,
Large mammals, through unending war,
Earth-murder, their ‘final solution’.


Reality’s ragged edge, the razor’s edge, rind,
Isn’t defined by the fruit, mundane or sublime.
Proportion, sciences began with this central,
Now, it’s irrelevant in what passes for….
Pseudo-religion of scientism, isn’t science,
Intellect can’t lead, life doesn’t follow.
supremacists, lemmings, vampirizing, cannibalizing

Lemma, the extinction of humanity and large mammals,
Seen on our future’s horizon, racing towards us.
Dilemma, the total destruction of Earth in its wake,
Through devolving every thread, the rending asunder
Of the fabric of life, and the only solar system
Where evolution has been life abounding,
Not mecha organizing, orga growing.
If it’s to be not too late, what, must be at stake?

“I was born a poor man’s daughter,
I’ll be happy as a poor man’s wife”, (Buffy St. Marie).
“No one can own the land”, (Chief Seattle).
“It’s funny how one insect can damage so much grain”,

(Elton John), how 400 years of the religion of scientism,
One moment in the Universe’s life,
Can destroy so much grace. Finally,

Humanity without a trace. A star softly whispers,

Or, will you leave no footprints
That will echo always, and in all ways?

Thanx/Mourning Day

Natives’ compassion taught
Pilgrims at Plymouth
How to live within, give to,
Natures’ abundance.

That providence sowed
Reaped graces’ harvest,
Fraternity, bearing
Fruits to this day.

We gave Native-America
Genocide, Earthocide.
Chief Seattle said,
No one can own the land.

Bowing to Above and Below,
For gifts bestowed,
Giving, may we again,
Walk that way!

“…One Man, One Vote…”, (Clegg)

Republican conspiratorial voter fraud of all kinds, are the latest
Steps in the nazification of the united suck of assassins citizenry.
Remocrat Gov’nas dissolving democratically elected, cities, Mayors,
Like some usa supported South American junta. Gerrymandering
Voting districts to turn majority dempublican ones into political
Office wins for the rem minority. Statewide restrictions on voting;
Lessening voting days, hours; rem thugs at polls harassing dem
Voters; multi-media conspiratorial TV ads, mailings, billboards,
Flyers, robo-calls misinforming, threatening voters, lying about
Candidates and ballot issues; fraudulent collecting of signatures
For candidates, ballot issues, placing undue time constrictions on
Collecting signatures, etc., to get candidates on the ballot, etc.;
Military and intelligence elites using HAARP and other weather
Machines to engineer supposed natural disasters to greatly lessen
Dem voter turnout, like uber-storm Sandy; voter i.d. requirements
That are oppressive, and tantamount to a poll tax, especially in a
Bad economy; abuse of third parties, candidates, denial of their
Participation in debates, etc.; voting machine computer fraud and
Lack of paper ballots; hinky designed ballots; etc.. Southerners
Voting more than once, even the dead. ‘We, the people’, must
Struggle ever more to protect voting, or there won’t be any, really.
Remember, you can talk the talk, walk the walk, and even be the be,
But, if you don’t vote the vote, you’ll never be livin’ in a democracy!
The tea party tories want to return us to king george and his dick
Cheney’s reign on the American way of life, don’t you let them!
If not now, when, here, where, you, who? Viva la evolution!
For more, my reality’s homepage at Starlite Café:


Thanx for all you do!   reality


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