Frida, alors ! raconte un peu…

via Frida, alors ! raconte un peu…

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Thanx for signing my petitions, et al, please consider sharing them. Also, since Admin. of aren't allowing me to invite people to do my actions lately and are switching my urls for my petitions so when I invite people off their site they can't get to the petition either (ergo 3 possible urls for each petition), here's a few of my latest actions; do as few or as many as you'd like (there are 3 linx for each petition because admin. switches between the 3 of them so people trying to sign the petition canβ€˜t get to it): This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Haiti disaster anniversary, please, do what you can: This petition on Haiti disaster anniversary: γ€€ This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Green, Indigenous, Native American, etc., actions: This petition on Green, Indigenous, Native American, acts:,_native_american_acts,_native_american_acts γ€€ This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Art/Act: celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, holiday: This petition on Art/Act: celebrate Dr. M.L. King, Jr.'s holiday: γ€€ This post on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Green; NA; the evolution; Civil, Human, LP, Prisoner's Rights; Poverty; etc..: This petition on Economically empower through advocacy:
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1 Response to Frida, alors ! raconte un peu…

  1. reality says:

    pired by your great art and music; thanx. A twig of the poetree relates πŸ™‚ Mitakuye Oyasin

    Mammon, their false god of avarice, says,
    their ‘final solution’, extinction,
    to steal everyone’s everything,
    can’t be stopped, notseeism will rule.

    “…We(e),…” bay, nay, you will be separated from
    the State, as the Constitution dictates, the people
    will rise again, your treason will end, Oyate.

    Somatic revolution, each one’s foci of attention
    solutioning with all life, betwixt Earth and Sky,
    evincing to be alival, not survival, lifting sights,
    inspiring visions, meditations, actions, sweats to Sundance.

    While we look to the 7 th generation, with our climate crisis strike,
    starting 9-20-19 and ‘the Green New Deal’, we also mournfully remember
    ‘Wounded Knee’, 12-29-1890, where 300 Native Americans were exterminated.

    Most of them were women, kids, a root of our king-kong sized terrible-two’s
    current war on kids, mostly Latinos. I would fly just for a day, as a mayfly,
    the Beauty Way, if I were more me, rather than as long as an eagle flies,
    selling out, destroying, killing. Viva la evolucion. Wakan Tanka.

    If you like, check out Marianne2020 dot com; have a great day πŸ™‚ reality Namaste.

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